Saturday, July 2, 2016

Read Volvo MC9S12DP128/MC9S12DP256, Xprog or Carprog

How to read/clone Volvo C70 2004 CEM unit (same as S40/V50/C30/C70 2004-)? With Xprog M Box ECU programmer or carprog?

Volvo MC9S12DP128/MC9S12DP256 MCU can both read by Xprog and Carprog. Check pinout below:

Read MC9S12DP128/MC9S12DP256 with Xprog (V5.3 for example or higher version V5.0, V5.50 etc)

You have to read Motorola MC9S12DP256 and MC9S12DP128. Both of them have EEPROM and FLASH.

Xprog M connection

You don’t need an adapter. Use regular cable.

If you cannot read it thru Xprog, then try carprog (the latest is V7.8).

Carprog v7.8 connected to the board with A10 adapter

Carprog read Volvo mcu software display.

On Menu List select MCU, tip of chipset and icon with tools for option and then you can select eeprom or flash

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