Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Carprog V9.31 Carprog Full a good personaly ecu tool

With the improvement of the economic level,more and more people have their own car.And then all kinds of different car repair problems were found out.Usually we want to mend our car by ourselves unless there is a serious problem we will sent to some car diagnostic tools become Essential goods of life. Just,CARPROG FULL v9.31 is one of them.With my ten years of driving experience I will recommend and show it for you.
CARPROG FULL v9.31 includes advanced functions,for example, EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer.It is designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards,immobilizers with all Software’s activated and all 21 items Adapters.

There are three advantages of CARPROG you should get it
First, CARPROG inside have powerful 16-bit MPU and full set of automotive interface drivers. you will get hardware with extra functions: 12 input/output pins forEEPROM in-circuit programmer from the basic version.It also can do K-line diagnostic (dashboard odometer programming, immobilizer key programming) and CAN line diagnostic,All designs for users consider.

Second, CARPROG FULL v9.31 is Low Cost tool.Car radio code calculator CC1, EEPROM programmer and VAG dashboard’s programmer by CAN are the extra functions and you will receive all additional software’s, you can buy extra according your need.
Third, CARPROG is very friendly with User. works without any installations, and to be do on all PC, use USB to PC link, all adapters schematics diagrams on-line.
CARPROG FULL v9.31 as a ECU chip tunning tool is often be used by repair car.we often get high praise of CARPROG from friends or other people. If you also have car,I think the CARPROG can give you great help. Here, I just show you a short experience
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