Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Free download Carprog v10.05 v9.31 v9.16 v9.08 v8.92 v8.64 v8.00 v7.28 v5.31

Free download Carprog software V5 V7 v8 v9 v10 for airbag reset:
Carprog software included:
Carpog 8.00
Carprog 8.03
Carprog 8.10
Carprog 8.17
Carprog 8.38
Carprog 8.64
Carprog 8.92
Carprog 9.04
Carprog 9.09
Carprog 9.13
Carprog 9.16
Carprog 9.31
Carprog 10.05

Source: http://mhhauto.com/Thread-Carprog-firmware....page=2


If you don’t want take any risk with Carprog software, use the link:
Carprog 9.31: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/se53-b-Carprog-full-v9.31.zip
Carprog 8.21: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/Carprog-full-v8.21-software.zip
Carprog 7.28: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/Carprog%207.28.zip
Carprog 5.94: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/Carprog5.94.zip
Carprog 5.46: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/Carprog-v5.46.zip
Carprog 5.31: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/CarprogV5.31.zip
Carprog 5.30: http://www.obd2vip.com/download/Carprogv5.3.zip

Security: 100% tested & safe to use
Airbag reset: Confirmed!!

Note that software tested, only with Carprog China clone:

Confirm yours same as Carprog here, then download for use

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Carprog v8.21 Activation CRC32 Check failed

Yesterday,one of UOBD2 regular customers sent email to our engineers about carprog v8.21 CRC32 Check failed error.Here UOBD2 engineers share the solution,hope it will help to solve your problem.

The carprog v8.21full program prompt the warn massage CRC32 Check failed as below pic:

Download the carprog.vws.zip from below link:

After downloading completely,extract the zip file and replace the original carprog.vws file with this new one.
Any question,please sent email to sales@uobdii.com.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Carprog Full V8.21 Online read write Golf VI IMMO data & change KM

This is a detailed tutorial for how Carprog Full V8.21 Online read write IMMO data and change mileage for a Golf VI 2011. Follow below steps and pictures things done!

Carprog 8.21 online read& write Golf VI 2011 Immo data in 3 steps

Step1. Open Carprog V8.21 software then choose “DASHBOARD”→ “VW” → “GOLF 2009 ONLINE DIAG V0.2”.
Click “Read Immo” and wait its connecting.

Create a txt file on desktop named “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI” as below:

When Carprog read out the Immo data, copy the VIN, PIN, CS and MAC to txt file “ori-cluster-2011” section.

Step2. Go to main menu and choose “TRANSPONDER” → “VAG NEC KEY V0.1”.

Choose “VW (TP23)”, click the third button at top then click “Write”.

Click “OK” to start write then write OK.

Click the first button at top to open folder “VW-Golf- VI-2011”, choose “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read” then click “Open”.

Click “Write” then write OK.

Write key to Immo file: Choose “Key 3” then click “OK”. Choose “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read” file and change the file name as “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read-with-key-3”. Click “Save”.

Step3. Back to “DASHBOARD”→ “VW” → “GOLF 2009 ONLINE DIAG V0.2”.

Click “Open”

Open “Immo-Data-for-Golf- VI-2011-carprog-read-with-key-3”

Click “Write Immo”, click “OK” then wait it OK.

Carprog V8.21 change Golf VI 2011 mileage just 1 step!

Click “Change KM” and it will show the old value both in KM and ML. Choose “ML” option and enter a new value then click “Change”. In this way, Carprog V8.21 change mileage for Golf VI 2011 easily!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to do when you lift pin 55 on Carprog

Now I have succeeded in one Carprog unit(CARPROG FULL V9.31), with help of a sewing needle. It will go wrong because I get up two pin, and then I can not solder back the faulty pin.
Now I have managed to get another one ready for easy flash with J-Link adapter.
But I will make another one to experiment with, and rebuild to full function or better.

Below is some useful tips from forum bros. Wish this helps

*** autocargo says:
… find scrap electronics board and practice on that. I use thin syringe needle and magnifying glass.. No point practicing on your working CarProg….
Use thin solder tip or hot air off course…forgot to say… but I don’t think you would be doing it without applying heat…

*** demelec says:
needle under leg needed lifting and heat with hot air, then very carefully lift only a little just so it separates from pcb solder

Soldering iron you have to use very thin tip and just touch very end of leg to remove ( solder at very end so not actually touching leg) then you can lift with needle
And always use solder flux
Flux is the main key to easy working

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Carprog 8.21 clone doing Skoda Yeti 2012 with nec&24c64

Have done odometer correction on Skoda Yeti 2012 with nec & 24c64  by Carprog v8.21 online version clone.
Connect Carprog with adapter and connect to vehicle

Open Carprog 8.21 software
Select Skoda
Select Skoda 2009-> DIAG v0.2

Select Change KM

Connecting CAN…
Reading mileage please wait

Carprog read KM 58117

Change KM to miles

Enter value you need, click on Change

Follow system prompt.

Monday, October 10, 2016

How to fix Carprog Clone LIB File Problem

Here is the working solution on Carprog clone “LIB file problem” by re-flashing Mcu ARM AT91SAM7S256 step by step.ECU Programmer

OBD Tech
Any work solution for carprog v8.21 clone?
“Lib file problem. delete LIB file and make Update>-Internet”

Yes, reprogram ARM with any jtag programmer.

Reflash Carprog MCU ARM by Jtag:
We need the stuff:
1- AT91SAM7S256.bin
2- Jtag programmer
3- Jtag software
We need to prepare the Carprog to connect to Jtag programmer but first the flash need to be erased, the Jtag function in mcu is disabled, you can’t connect to the mcu before erase the flash. Remove the AT88SC eeprom from the board, please note where is the pin 1 in eeprom before remove:

Carefully lift the pin 55 (reset) of the mcu and solder a wire and secure it with a small amount of silicone (you don’t want to broke the pin in the process).
Connect the Carprog (with the pin 55 disconnected) to the 12v supply, wait about 10 seconds and connect the wire from pin 55 to Vcc (3.3V) in Carprog:

Wait from 5 to 10 seconds after connect the 12v supply, the flash content will be erased and the Jtag option of the Mcu will be enabled now. If not work leave connected for about 3 to 5 minutes. Disconnect the 12v supply from CarProg full  and remove the pin 55 wire from vcc. The pin 55 must remain disconnected until the programming process is done.
Ok, that’s it. I make it; and you try on you risk.
Article from:http://carprog-carprog.blogspot.com/2016/10/how-to-fix-carprog-clone-lib-file.html

Saturday, October 1, 2016

CarProg with A9 A1 A1+ adapters test operation

Which adapter is necessary to make a test when the Carprog full fails to work? And how to do the test? Go on reading the post to get answers yourself.

A9 first!!!

If CarProg hardware test fail – in most cases you just need exchange 4x 74HC125 integrated circuit. Exchange all 4 74HC125 together!!!

update your Carprog A1 adapter:
open A1 solder additional tantalum or electrolytic capasitors – this MOD will solve “communication lost” problems.
– A1 before modification:

– A1 after modification:

or with electrolytic capasitors 47uF 25V

update your A1+ adapter: 
open A1+ solder additional tantalum or electrolytic capacitors – more stable OBDII communication.  Also very important for older CarProg users – change one 1k Ohm resistor and solder 120R Ohm

– A1+Before modification:

– A1+ after modification:

or with electrolytic capacitors